Sunday, 8 November 2009

Edinburgh Seminar & Grading Nov 7th 09

Marcus Houston hosted me for a seminar Yesterday (7th Nov) for his Krav & TE students. I have to say I really REALLY enjoyed the seminar. The format was very different to normal, as the people on the seminar could choose the subjects we covered. I explained to the participants why I'd chosen to do that, & that it had simply been because when Marcus had booked the seminar & asked me what I wanted to do I'd been ill & feeling like crap & just couldn't think of something a bit different, so I thought "sod it" & decided to be lazy & let them decide what we were doing, haha.
The course was great fun, because there was so much change & flow in it. We started with a request for Hubud. So we went through Hubud on both sides, then looked at using the 'double tap' switch. Then we looked at unarmed applications of the Hubud drill, & then how we could use the drill as a 'fight simulator' to allow us to practice our disarms in a flow of movement.

The guys then decided on some Drawpoint, so we did the 3 Drawpoint drills & finished with applying Drawpoint not with the knife but with an impact tool.

Bear then asked about something I'd spoken about on the Improvised Weapons course, the use of a credit card as a defensive tool, so we spoke about that & I demo'd it, but it wasn't something we could actively practice there & then (unless everyone wanted to mutilate their credit cards).

We then had a request for some multiple opponent work, so we worked on 2 v's 1 with one of the 2 BG's being armed with a knife. We explored how we could use the OODA Loop against the BG's, & exploit some of the nervous systems weaknesses to succeed using a pre-emptive attack.

After this we explored Heaven Six, & flowed into Heaven & Earth, & then Earth Six. We then worked the Heaven Six movement s an unarmed technique. Jim Keating always says to me "everything is Heaven Six", & he's right.

We finished off with a bit of work using foot pins, sectors & sweeps.

After the course some of the guys were going forward for Grading. The performance was good, with only a few rough spots which were picked up on, & should be put right for next time- or else:o)

Marcus & I had a brain fart & forgot to get a course photo, which was very silly because it was mobbed with folks from Marcus' classes, a few from my class, & guys from John Mac's classes. It was a VERY busy course. We did remember to get a pic of the folks who graded afterwards though.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Arbroath Class grading

A big well done to the members of the Arbroath Tactical Edge class who were eligible for grading on Sunday. A huge effort was put in by everyone.

Colleen Simpson- Basic 1
Laura Fraser- Basic 1
Barry Carle- Basic 1
Damian Luczkowski- Basic 1
Craig Dickenson- Basic 4
Paul Johnstone- Basic 4
Ching Wa Chung- Intermediate 2
Dianna Chung- Intermediate 2
Gareth Louch- Intermediate 2
Carl Dickenson- Advanced 1.