Monday, 22 November 2010

Charity Self Defence Course

My little boy Eli is Autistic & has epilepsy. He goes to a riding for the disabled centre called 'the Brae', & he is NEVER happier & more content than when he's on the back of 'Roley' the horse, & his laughter when he gets to trot would make the most miserable of days sunny. The Brae gets no government funding, & exists purely from private donations & grants; so we've decided to put on a self defence workshop in aid of 'The Brae'.

The workshop is open to women of any age, & you don't need to be physically fit or strong to be able to do the workshop. We'll be teaching you how to counter some of the most common methods of violent assault that you encounter in the UK. No rubbish that just doesn't really happen (wrist grabs & all that sort of unrealistic garbage taight by instructors who have NO actual experience of violence or conflict) just common methods used by criminals & thugs in the real world.

The workshop is running from 2pm - 5pm on Saturday 11th of December, & costs only £10. Think about it, £10 for insurance that could just save your life; & it goes to a worthy cause that brings a MASSIVE amount of joy to disabled children. It really doesn't get much better than that does it?

ComTech Bowie Knife Combatives Workshop

Hi folks, sorry for the silence again. It's been BUSY around here. I've been off doing seminars in England, taking Tactical Edge & ComTech to Manchester, Stratford upon Avon, Cambridge, Wellingborough, Crowborough, & Cambridge. Andrew Niven had me over to Leipzig in Germany for two days of seminars, & I've been back at Combat Ready in Edinburgh for my 2ic Marcus Houston.

Our Christmas seminar this year is going to be exploring the combative use of the Bowie Knife using the ComTech American Bladecraft developed by my friend & teacher Master at Arms James A Keating. The ComTech Bowie system is THE MOST EFFECTIVE method of Bowie training available, I've seen them all; & there's NOTHING comes close to MAAJAK's system. This is probably due to his encyclopedic knowledge of both Eastern & Western blade systems, & his experience actually applying that knowledge & training. The ComTech Bowie system is comparitively simple compared to the SE Asian blade systems, but the two methods compliment each other beautifully. The Bowie is a very easy system for someone with no prior bladecraft training to pick up with relative ease compared to the Oriental systems.

Our yearly Christmas seminar is a little something we do to thank our students & friends for their support, & it's completely free. So if you'd like the only opportunity to learn ComTech Bowie from Master at Arms Keatings European Representitve & Affiliate you'd be more than welcome to come & join in. The workshop is at 'the BEST defence', 6 Guthrie Port, Arbroath, DD11 4AP from 12 - 4pm omn December 12th 2010.