Saturday, 31 October 2009

ComTech Bowie Instructors Course

This is a FIRST!!!!
Master at Arms James A Keating created the legendary Combat Technologies Bowie System. It is an elegently simple but VERY effective edged weapons system that is quick & easy to learn & great fun. It has a different flavour to the Filipino Bladearts, as it is a Euro-American fighting system.
I've been given permission by my friend & teacher Master at Arms James A Keating, to run a UK based Bowie Instructor Certification. This is a fantastic chance to become part of the ComTech family & one of the first ComTech Bowie Instructors in Europe!
The Bowie Instructors Course is usually only available every now & again at MAAJAK's studio in the USA, & this is the first time it's been available outwith there. I'm a personal student of James Keating, a Certified ComTech Instructor & Bowie Instructor, & his European Representitive.
This course is perfect for Martial Arts Instructors who are looking for a great edged weapons system to add into their syllabus, & the course is managable even by Instructors with no prior edged weapons background. The Bowie system has a unique flavour & is totally different to the edged weapons arts generally available in the UK. The course would also be perfect for Military Combatives Instructors looking for a really effective yet quick & easy to learn edged weapons programme.
The course has been provisionally slotted in for the last weekend in Feb 2010. If you're interested contact me.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Congratulations to Montrose Tactical Edge students who graded tonight

A big well done going out to the Students from Montrose Tactical Edge group who graded tonight. Taking their first step on the ladder were :

Grant Macpherson
Laura Southern
Ralph Phillips
Joe Riley
Chris Gilchrist
Ian Lamont

Everyone performed brilliantly! It's amazing to think how far you've come on in such a short time; watching everyone's striking on the pads, takedowns, & situational defences against clothing grabs & throat grabs you would have thought everyone had been training twice as long. A great job people!