Saturday, 31 October 2009

ComTech Bowie Instructors Course

This is a FIRST!!!!
Master at Arms James A Keating created the legendary Combat Technologies Bowie System. It is an elegently simple but VERY effective edged weapons system that is quick & easy to learn & great fun. It has a different flavour to the Filipino Bladearts, as it is a Euro-American fighting system.
I've been given permission by my friend & teacher Master at Arms James A Keating, to run a UK based Bowie Instructor Certification. This is a fantastic chance to become part of the ComTech family & one of the first ComTech Bowie Instructors in Europe!
The Bowie Instructors Course is usually only available every now & again at MAAJAK's studio in the USA, & this is the first time it's been available outwith there. I'm a personal student of James Keating, a Certified ComTech Instructor & Bowie Instructor, & his European Representitive.
This course is perfect for Martial Arts Instructors who are looking for a great edged weapons system to add into their syllabus, & the course is managable even by Instructors with no prior edged weapons background. The Bowie system has a unique flavour & is totally different to the edged weapons arts generally available in the UK. The course would also be perfect for Military Combatives Instructors looking for a really effective yet quick & easy to learn edged weapons programme.
The course has been provisionally slotted in for the last weekend in Feb 2010. If you're interested contact me.

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