Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mini Workshop for Edinburgh TE/KM

Thanks to Marcus Houston for inviting me through to do a mini workshop for his classes on Tuesday. After a quick warm-up we started on the work for the night. I wanted to explore a particular movement using the elbow to effect a limb destruction at close range, & to look at the different places we could take it. We started off just drilling the entry, then we explored how we could use it by adding in different movements like low line levers, takedowns etc. Half way through the class we broke from that theme & looked at some methods for defending with one arm disabled. Then we worked a bit of baton defence, looking at the impact weapon version of 'returning blades'. After this we looked at an active attack & went back to out original technique & concept, marrying it to an effective strip & finisher using the weapon.
A big thanks to all his students for a great night, & thanks for the nice comments & emails.

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