Monday, 14 December 2009

Sorry, been busy

Sorry folks, things have been hectic in the Davies household with flu bugs doing the rounds. Normal service has kind of been resumed now. Whats happened over the past few weeks? Well, we took part in a really successful seminar to celebrate the promotion to 9th Degree Grandmaster of my friend Tom MacCallum. Grandmaster MacCallum is Scotlands first ITF TaeKwon-Do Grandmaster, & he's one of the few people I've met who is what I consider the true embodyment of what a Martial Arts Master is supposed to be like. Over the years I've met & trained under MANY masters from various arts, & most of them have been egocentric control freaks. GM MacCallum is a humble & friendly man, but as well as being genuinely humble & self-affacing he is a tough guy. The seminar saw Masters Wallace & Hutton present various aspects of TaeKwon-Do training, & Master Wallace gave the students a look at the old style training methods that he put us through back in the 80's. Yours truely took the students through applied self defence.
We were in Livingston teaching a Tactical Edge combatives seminar for John McIllvaney at his fantastic facility there. This was a fundamental introduction to Tactical Edge's methods & concepts for a group of instructors & blackbelts from other arts. We explored the use of various striking methods, our basic Limb Destruction & its use, self defence against common attacks, & some knife defence. I got some great feedback from the course, with one participant emailing me & writing "I took part yesterday in your seminar in Livingston & would just like to say that it is the most impressive combat art that I've ever seen. I study in the Korean art of Kuk Sul Won & have total respect for what you do. Your skills are the most impressive I have seen & would like to learn some more if you're doing a seminar anytime soon". I have to admit that I was very flattered, & its the sort of thing any instructor loves to hear; so I must have done a decent job, hahaha.
The 'Create your own adventure' seminar at the Energy Gym in Edinburgh for Marcus Houston was a massive success & was absolutely mobbed. Stupidly both myself & Marcus forgot to get a group photo- DOH! We allowed the folks on the seminar to decide what we trained in, & the participants had us doing a variety of interesting stuff; from Drawpoint drills through to Double Stick to unarmed combatives.
So a big thanks to everyone who has come on our seminars over the past couple of months, & we have some great new stuff lined up for next year.

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