Sunday, 3 January 2010

Big Jays Battlescarf

I'm a big fan of flexible weapons. I'm a big fan of 'grey' or 'improvised' weapons. My friend over in Walla Walla, Big Jay, has brought out his own take on flexible & covert weapons- The Battlescarf.

I really enjoy working with flexible weapons. Some folks get a little too flowery with the stuff they do with them for my taste; I think thats maybe because they haven't really had too much real life experience of just how insanely fast & frantic real combat can be. However, using the right simple base of techniques they can act as a great force multiplier. I love Jim Keatings Bandanna material, & I always have my 'loaded' bandanna with me. With a couple of £1 coins in the corner it'll take teeth out when it's used like a whip. It works like a shorter version of a manrikigusari, & it's damn effective. I have a couple of James Pioreks V-Gar's. These are fantastic. Its a plastic coated steel cable with a loop at one end & a titanium impact tool at the other. It can be swung to keep someone at distance, or when held between two hands you can still strike with either hand, use the impact tool, or use the wire to trap, crush, or constrict. When you use the 'overhand loop' to snap down on the arms with the bandanna it really hurts. People on my seminars very often just can't believe how 'hard' a piece of cloth can become. When you do it with the V-Gar is HUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRTTTTTTTS! I demo'd it to a guy in SF a while back who wondered how it was used, & he had a beautiful black & blue bruise across where it got snapped for about 2 months!

The Battlescarf looks like a great bit of kit. Jim Keating said to me that he really likes it, & that is REALLY WORKS. I'm ordering one (perfect when its -a zillion degrees outside like it is in Scotland just now- Scotland is a wonderful country, but they forgot to build the greenhouse over the top of it; bring on global warming, who gives a shit about polar bears anyway!). Jays dvd- 'Fat Jays Backyard Drunken Kung-Fu' is an absolute hoot. It is filmed in his backyard, & they are drunk! The dvd is actually really good. The Battlescarf comes with an instructional dvd which looks pretty good too. Check out the videoclip on the website, for some reason it reminds me of the video for the song 'My United States of Whatever', hehehe. Anyway, I'm buying one, & if it sounds interesting to you check out his website

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