Sunday, 14 February 2010

Bowie Knife Instructors Course

There are still spaces available on Europes FIRST ever ComTech Bowie Knife Instructors Course. The ComTech Bowie method created by Master at Arms James A Keating is as far as I'm concerned THE MOST EFFECTIVE & easily learned of the Bowie systems available today; & yes I HAVE looked at them all.

This is the first time that the ComTech Bowie Knife Instructors Certification has been available outside Jims own gym in Milton Freewater, USA. The course has been approved & accredited by Master at Arms James Keating, & the certification will be fully recognised by him & ComTech Inc. The great thing is, this course is open to instructors & blackbelts with NO prior weapons training! Unlike the FMA's the Bowie system is VERY simple in comparison. Don't mistake simplicity for meaning its inferior though! The Bowie system is a truely effective battlefield system for that reason! I know that the famous bladesmith & Bowie expert Bill Bagwell has stated several times that in his opinion (& I hold Bill Bagwells opinion to be VERY much worth listening to) a good Bowie practitioner would make mincemeat out of a good practitioner of oriental arts. I personally think that a blend of Western & Easter methods makes for a VERY effective & well rounded bladeart practitioner. On its own though, the Bowie is a simple, direct & brutally effective method of combat, full stop, the end!

The thing I totally LOVE about the ComTech Bowie System is that like EVERYTHING that Jim created, it is CONCEPTUAL. Now, if you carry a 14" Bowie knife around in your normal everyday life in the UK you will be going direct to jail without passing 'go' or collecting £200! So what use is the Bowie syllabus? Well firstly, it really is damn good fun. It is easy to learn, & has different aspects to it, including sparring for those who enjoy a sporting side to things (there are actually bowie competitions in the USA where people spar in tournaments). You might be someone who travels to some of the worlds less pleasant places, where you can lawfully carry a large knife as a bush tool, or actually as a defensive weapon. But in places where you can't carry a Bowie, almost everything in the Bowie system can be conceptualised & used with other improvised defensive tools. For instance, in the video clip I posted on youtube you'll see me performing an application with the Crossada, then the same application with a rolled up magazine (this could also have been a stick, flashlight, up-turned bottle etc), & finally with a small folder. This conceptualisation that runs right through everything in the various parts of the ComTech family of methods is what makes Jims teachings so valuable; & it's one of the things that keeps me going back to learn from Jim time & time again.

So, as a UK based instructor of martial arts learning the Bowie system gives you- 1/a great weapons curriculum to teach your students that is interesting & fun, 2/an effective combative method that can be utilised by military personell who need something that is quick to learn but absolutely deadly, 3/a weapons method that can be easily applied with other improvised tools making it a viable self defence method in countries where weapons cannot be carried lawfully.

If you're interested there are still spaces on the course. Email me on or call me on 07740 982508. The course is on the 27th & 28th of February so don't leave it forever.

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