Wednesday, 17 March 2010

British Airways & the strikes

I'm flying off to visit my friend & teacher Jim Keating in April, so I'm watching the whole BA debacle with great interest. I have to say that the morons in the union 'Unite' make blood squirt out of my eyeballs.

Lets apply a bit of logic to this. We're in the middle of a financial mess at the moment, & its pretty much global. British Airways has been losing money hand over fist. & is not doing particularly well financially. Now you have cabin crew wanting better pay & conditions........while their company isn't doing very well in the middle of a financial crisis. Their Union is guiding them to strike.........while their company isn't doing very well in the middle of a financial crisis. From my humble viewpoint the people striking should just be happy to HAVE A BLOODY JOB at the moment. How intelligent is it to put a company that is already fighting to stay afloat in even more difficulties? Are they just morons? How happy will they be when their actions sink the company & they don't have a job & millions of people end up losing money on tickets they bought from BA, or stranded abroad? How happy will they be when they have NO pay or conditions because they have no jobs? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what the potential ramifications could be.

I don't have a great deal of time for unions. I have been a union member in the past. I was a member of a union when my employer wanted to change everyones pay & conditions, remove shift enhancements, & generally rape us. I am absolutely CONVINCED that our union rep sold us down the river after receiving a large fat brown envelope. I didn't like or trust him from the second I met the little fat slimy man, & he advised us all to just roll over & give everything up. I think unions tend to be amongst the most corrupt institutions on the go. I find it strange that the government has the power to introduce legislation that will intrude into our internet surfing. They can introduce legislation to remove any rights that they think we don't need. They can introduce legislation to give them additional controls over banks & other businesses. But they say they CAN'T interfere in the BA / Unite debacle & the impending strikes that will cause misery for so many people. The more sceptical amongst us could be forgiven for thinking that this could just be because of the amount of money that Unite throws at the Labour party! Personally I think that it should be illegal for political parties to be given donations from ANY unions or lobbyist groups; that would stop shenanigans like this. I also call upon politicians to make it ILLEGAL for unions or employees to perform strike actions which stop travel & business in this manner; the misery & trouble it causes a massive number of people can't adequately be put into words. Ordinarily I'm a firm believer in 'small government' but there are certain things that I consider to be vital, & the ability to travel & conduct business without being held to ransom by unions is one of those things.

I had to listen to the head of the union on TV & Radio yesterday, the guy sounded like a walking talking stereotype; I had an image of 'Wolfie Smith' in my mind. I hope someday I see him in an airport when he's flying to a meeting somewhere to stir up more trouble...........I wonder if I could fit him in a suitcase & get it lost in Terminal 5's baggage system for a few years, hehe.

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