Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Limb Destructions- 'Breaking the four corners' workshop

My 2nd in command in Tactical Edge, Marcus Houston, has booked me to perform a workshop purely on the combative use of Limb Destructions. Tactical Edge uses Limb Destructions as its primary method of intercepting an attack. This is for several reasons. The closest vital areas to you when an attacker is trying to hit you are usually the parts of the body they're trying to hit you with. If you block the attackers limb then you've stopped it from hitting you but not much else, but a limb destruction will cause pain & trauma on the first beat, re-set their 'ooda loop'- & if they're armed blow the weapon out of their hand or at the least weaken it so it is easier to strip or disarm. Because it 'resets the ooda loop' it gives you a far safer entry into striking & takedowns, & causes cross extensive reflex action to take the opposite limb offline for a short time too.

When we use a Limb Destruction we're either targeting motor nerves or joints. When we target a motor nerve we're striking deep into the muscle & inhibiting the release of acetycholine, this means the limb & the brain are no longer communicating! Targeting joints we're destroying the skeletal structure of the body; either way we're taking the fight aggressively to the bad guy, & counter-offense beats defence!

We'll be looking at different methods of destroying an opponents limbs, some of them scalpels & some of them sledgehammers. We'll explore how they can be used against different methods of street attack, & how they allow you to bridge into striking & takedowns; & also how they allow you to more easily effect techniques such as 'returning blades' or 'strip & retain'.

Tactical Edge Founder Mark Davies has used these techniques numerous times against both unarmed & armed opponents, this isn't theory- it's been field tested!

Contact Tactical Edge Senior Instructor Marcus Houston for booking details. www.kravmagaedinburgh.com

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