Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tactical Edge Unarmed Combatives & Basic Impact Weapons Seminar

This Saturday (13th April) GMac Martial Arts in Livingston is hosting me to perform a workshop on unarmed combatives & basic combative baton. We're going to work on entry techniques against striking attacks, using limb destructions, passing techniques & trapping to enter into a range where we can use close range striking & takedowns. We're then going to use the same concepts with the baton. On this course we're going to leave the valuable 'attribute building' side of single stick to the side, & concentrate on how it can be used to defend ones-self. Think conceptually, what we do with a stick can also be done with a rolled up magazine, a large flashlight, a walking cane, or even a ripped off car aerial at a pinch (think of a sjambok). Contact John McIllvaney at GMac Martial Arts http://www.gmacmartialarts.co.uk/ for booking details.

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